The Best Rally Drivers in the Middle East

Rally Drivers in the Middle East

There are rally drivers and there are rally drivers, here in the middle east, there are many rally drivers who are exhibiting the best in home grown talent.

Erik Carlsson: Saab 96

Desert Rally Driver
When you think about cars you dont really thinka bout Saab, originally commissioned to build airplane engines, Saab are not really known for motorpsort performance or performance of any kind. Other than middle aged swedes, no one outside of sweden has the ability to buy one of these machines. Erik Carlson drove for Saab in the 1950s and 1960s, and he was sometimes known Mr Saab.

Paddy Hopkirk: Mini Cooper

Desert Rally Drivers in Dubai
Don’t you LOVE the Mini Cooper, nothing sums up or represents the british spirit of intrepidity like it, what a car, you will only need 3-4 people to lift it clear off the grand, the mini has a great pedigree in rally racing. Whether you like it or not, the Mini was racing long before you were born, it loves corners and straights.

Mansour Binjabr Al Suwaidi: Mitsubishi Lancer

Mansour bin Jabr Al Suwaidi is a rally driver that takes part in the FIA Middle East Rally Championship, he is Emirati is a former member of the Abu Dhabi Junior Team, originally driving a Ford Fiesta he currently races a Mitsubishi Lancer prepared by Tok Sport

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The comfort that is offered to you on the abu dhabi bus is phenomenal. This is simply because of the plush seats that are accessible. They are produced of this kind of wonderful cushion that you do not feel as if you are touring. The buses are also so modernized and comfy that it feels great to travel in them. The air conditioning that is accessible in the Mansour binjabr al suwaidi bus tends to make you feel new all the time.

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Let me tell you 1 important factor about this, it has received the possible to excel in the coming many years. As and when much more occasions for the same activity happen in Abu Dhabi Fight Club, it will be produced certain that this column of the internet page keeps obtaining regular updates for the same. It will be made certain from my part that I maintain posting more recent and newest Information in the area of this activity. This match requires location only once in each two many years. This, although, is bound to alter looking for the popularity.

Rally Drivers in the UAE

If you have lived in the United Arab Emirates, you will undoubtedly have known that the motorsports scene here is alive and well. With organizations like the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUA) is one of the oldest organizations in the region, opening its doors (or revving its engine) in 1965, and has only gone from strength to strength, organizing incredible Rallies and races in the desert as well as being the only representative of the FIA in the country!

Desert Rally

Mansour Bin Jabr Al Suwaidi

The Abu Dhabi Desert Rally is one of the most famous in the United Arab Emirates, generating STUNNING imagery and videos year after year, it often takes place in April/May:

And with imagery like this it is no surprise that the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally is one of the most challenging for cars and bikes alike!


Racing & Rally Driving Events

There are racing events all year round in the United Arab Emirates, there are also some home made racing companies that produce amazing sports cars, these homegrown companies also include the infamous Saluki Motorsports. If you want to be a rally driver then its really important to read and find out how others have done it before you!