Abu Dhabi Law Enforcement: Keeping Holiday Makers Safe

Abu Dhabi has a thriving tourist market that draws hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers every year. Now you might not know this, but this emirate is actually home to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. A bit different from neighbouring Dubai, Abu Dhabi Tourism is a bit more targeted towards the more refined traveler.  There are a wealth of hotels to choose from across the Emirate, including the infamous Emirates Palace hotel, Etihad Towers and the Yas Viceroy hotel (iconic because of its proximity to the Yas Marina F1 racing circuit, in fact bits of the race go around the structure of the hotel!) Abu Dhabi is home to a lot of cultural exhibitions and sporting events too! Check this out:

The city has given birth to a wide range of sporting athletes and figures, like motorsport’s Mansour binjabr al suwaidi, among others!

After your visit, it’s higher time you get your self calm and the accommodations in the luxurious hotels situated subsequent to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit will offer you with all the services that you want to have.