About Abu Dhabi & Holidaying there

Abu Dhabiis 1 of the fastest rising vacationer locations in the world. It can provide your entire family with the kind of tour that you are searching for. It is an unimaginable mixture uniqueness and fun. There are dhow cruises and ferries to take you to one of the hundreds of islands that exist around Abu Dhabi, a place  that you can choose from when you take advantage of the services of any one of the companies that are providing this kind of tour to your whole family members.

abu dhabi skyline

Whilst there you might enjoy a trip to Yas Island, where you can take advantage of the world-class Yas Marina Circuit, a formula 1 track that is part of the global worldwide sporting phenomena. There you can race around in cars that you rent around the track, you might know know this but the UAE is home to a venerable range of Rally Drivers and Motorsports drivers who have succeeded at the highest levels, including Mohammed bin Sulayem and Mansur bin jabr al suwaidi both champions in their own right and sporting classes. Bin Sulayem went on to establish a tuning garage that sells the infamous turbo kits!

Turbo Kit Rally Racing